25% Off Coupon Code: Gap.com

November 17th, 20093:00 pm @


gap-holidayGap.com has a new promo code for 25% off your entire purchase of regularly priced items, online through Sunday, November 22, 2009. Use coupon code: GIFT123 at checkout. Reminder: shipping is free on $50 orders through December 15, 2009. *Update: coupon code: GAPSALE25 works for 25% off sale items through November 24, 2009.

If you missed last weekend’s 30% off coupon code, this will probably be the best  coupon code you’ll see until after Thanksgiving. :) Old Navy is also doing a promo this week — although somewhat convoluted — use coupon code: ONSAVE15 for 15% off $75 or 25% off $100 online only through November 24, 2009.