Borders Going Out of Business

July 25th, 20116:15 am @


As you’ve probably heard,
Borders is going out of business. All of their stores (Borders, Borders Express, and Waldenbooks) will be closing. The liquidation sales in-store have already started, although things are currently only up to 40% off, so there should be more deals later.

Reminder: if you have any Borders Bucks, they will expire on July 31, 2011, so use it or lose it. Borders gift cards will be valid until the going out of business sale is over, but obviously if there’s nothing cool to buy you’re out anyway.

We’re sad to see Borders closing. As much as we like innovation and watching industries be disrupted and seeing new concepts emerge, it’s still sad to see one of the originals go under. C’est la vie

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