Gilt Taste: Food 'Sample Sale' Site from Gilt Groupe

May 25th, 20116:15 am @


Gilt Groupe finally launched Gilt Taste — a new sample sale site for foodies.

The official launch date of Gilt Taste beta was May 18 and promised to offer:

  • Artisan foods and fresh seasonal ingredients from around the world.
  • Recipes from chefs and culinary experts along with advice from farmers and artisans.
  • Stories from writers Ruth Reichl, Francis Lam and Melissa Clark.
  • reduced shipping of $9.95 during the beta launch.

So, if you’re a Gilt Groupe member, check to see if you have access to the test-user beta!

Currently on sale:

  • Cheese!
  • Sweets!
  • Meat/Seafood!

As usual, I did a few comparisons. Comparison #1: John & Kira Bee Chocolates $29 for 9 pieces — the same price as directly from John & Kira. Comparison #2: Hama Hama Blue Pool Oysters at $38 for 2 dozen — also the same price as directly from Hama Hama. Verdict: While it seems like Gilt’s newest site is all about deals since all of their other sites are in the sample sale vein, Gilt Taste is more of a specialty store that will offer specials, but is more about discovering new foods and recipes and tasting new things.

So what do you think? Will you use Gilt Taste?

I’m probably more apt to hit up a local specialty store so I can ask questions and go directly home to cook/eat it, but I’m already inspired by all the lovely things on Gilt Taste. I can see this being great for smaller places that don’t have access to so many amazing food specialty stores. I’ll definitely be stopping back in to drool over food though. :)

Reminder: Your Gilt Groupe account will automatically give you access to the site on the launch day. If you don’t have a Gilt Groupe account, get one here.