Street Style, Anime & Home Decor: Weekend Link Love

I’m always running across brilliant sites on the interwebs –so many, that my RSS reader is practically overflowing. Here are a few of my favorites that I wanted to share. So grab some coffee & get cozy!

urban-weeds-blogUrban Weeds: Street Style from Portland

Yep, Portland is still the darling of hipsters nationwide. I loathe it a little bit, but I guess my inner-hipster is loving this voyeuristic look at all the “cool kids” on Alberta, Hawthorne, & 23rd (non-residents: those are Portland neighborhoods). I guess that’s the appeal of street style blogs — it’s like The Sartorialist for little ol’ Portland. So even if you’re not from Portland (who are we kidding, half of Portland is from NYC & LA now anyway *wink*), go check out Chelsea & Lisa’s cool new project! Oh and wouldn’t it be fun to see a “hot or not” style-rater added to Urban Weeds? (without people being nasty though)

Halcyon Realms: Anime & Tokyo

ponyo-cliffs-storyboardI was searching for the artwork for the upcoming Studio Ghibli anime — Ponyo on the Cliffs by the Sea (coming to US & Canada theaters August 14, Ghibli is best known for Spirited Away 2002 Oscar for best anime) and found this gem. He had taken some gorgeous shots of the storyboard book — The Art of Ponyo. Vong is a Singaporean computer graphics artist working in the animation industry in Tokyo, Japan. So his blog is like fun snapshots of life in Tokyo — like the life-sized (if life-sized was 6 stories tall) Gundam in Tokyo or Japan product-lust like Green Tea Coke or the new Cola Shock (Coke + Vodka). I also love it that he only posts about once a week, so each post is full of great photography and detail.

this-young-house-closetThis Young House: Young House Love

I first ran across Sherry & John’s blog while I was perusing Apartment Therapy. Their site is chock full of design advice & how-to projects; or in their words: “We’re 27. Our house is 53. It’s old enough to be our parent, but we treat it like it’s our baby.” They usually have a snazzy weekly giveaway as well — this week it’s a Cardboard Safari item. One of my favorite posts was a look at their closet storage solution (and the installation of said solution). Anyway, “the youngsters” have a really fun writing style, and a now enviable ranch-style home!

What’s your favorite Saturday morning blog?

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    Hey! Thanks so much for the link! Glad you are enjoying Urban Weeds.

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