10% Off Coupon Code: World Nomads Travel Insurance

August 24th, 20098:47 am @


world-nomad-travel-insuranceWorld Nomads has a new coupon code for 10% off travel insurance! Use promo code: WNXMAS at checkout. As usual, North Americans are out of luck on this one (financial service laws exclude USA & Canada), but you can still use coupon code WNFP09 to donate your 10% off to Footprints development projects. Expires August 31, 2009.

I bought World Nomads travel insurance for my round the world trip and while thankfully I didn’t have to use it, it was nice knowing that I was covered if I got sick, hurt, stolen from etc. So even if you’re only going on a 1-2 week vacation, it’s still a good idea to research your current health insurance to see if/how it covers out of country use. Plus, it covers extra things like trip cancellation and theft.

Safe travels!