Groupon Getaways Joins the Travel Flash Sale Competition

July 18th, 20116:00 am @


Groupon has finally jumped on the travel flash sale bandwagon, joining the likes of Jetsetter Travel, Living Social Escapes and countless others. They’re calling it Groupon Getaways and it’s a partnership between Groupon and Expedia. They’ve been running getaways for less than a week now, and the destinations have included: Las Vegas, Florida, Bangkok, Vermont, Toronto, Santa Fe, Costa Rica, Cancun, Dallas, Oregon, Tahiti, British Columbia, Denver, Hawaii, and a few more. Definitely a broad selection, with some nice hotels.

So far, the biggest downside to Groupon Getaways is the fine print. While it might seem like a great idea to buy a getaway within driving distance, but with the exclusions and expiration dates, 1-3 months can slip by pretty quickly and then you’ve just wasted $100+

Still a great idea if you’re looking for a hotel within 1-2 months. I’d love to see Groupon add in the option to book the hotel right then — like how you can with Jetsetter — instead of having to call a # with your Groupon booking. Excited to see what they’ll be offering in the coming months.