$50 Off HotelTonight Promo Code

July 21st, 20118:30 pm @


HotelTonight is one of our recent obsessions. Sometimes we even open the app and look at random cities that we have no plans on booking a hotel tonight (get it?) in, just to see what deals are there.

If you haven’t heard of it, HotelTonight is an app that, starting at noon every day, you can log on and see what hotels are available and bookable tonight for a specific city. There are usually about three hotels to choose from, priced from $99 – $160ish (although some cities have been as low as $40 and a few in the $200s range too). Why do we like this app? Because it’s so annoying trying to book a hotel day of. You can’t do it online, so you have to call and not only is it inconvenient, but it seems like most hotels raise their rates because they know you’re desperate, but only because it’s a nuisance to call around! Phew! Anyway, if you signup through a friend, you get a $25 credit automatically added to your account (so you can invite your friends and they get $25 too.

HotelTonight currently has an extra promo code for $15 off your first booking, with coupon code GETHT, expiring September 6, 2011. $10 off with code HTFAN, *Update: looks like the HTFAN code has expired* and $25 off with code NEW25 (if you didn’t get $25 when you first signed up) HotelTonight is currently in: New York, LA – Hollywood, San Francisco, DC, Boston, Chicago, Miami – South Beach, Seattle, Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix – Scottsdale, San Diego, Orlando, New Orleans, Anaheim, LA – Beach Cities, Miami – Downtown, and the following airports: ORD, DIA, LGA, JFK, SFO, LAX.